Have Your Voice Heard!

This page explains how you can get in touch with Council and community boards in your area. 

Contact Customer Services

You can phone Tasman District Council Customer Services at any time on 03 543 8400.

You can either drop into one of our four services centres, call, fax or email

The staff are happy to help you find the best person to speak to.

Contact Your Local Community Association or Community Whanau

Community Associations support and advocate for residents in their local communities and make submissions to Council.

Community Whanau Networks are established in Golden Bay, Motueka, Richmond and Tapawera, and focus on grass roots community wellbeing issues.

Talk to a Youth Councillor

Making contact with the Tasman Youth Council is often a good starting point, as they are well connected with Council and Community Groups across the region. 

The Tasman Youth Council is split into four regional clusters, serving the Waimea, Motueka, Golden Bay and Murchison regions.

Talk to a Councillor

Councillors are appointed to serve the public, and are accessible to meet with you to hear your thoughts and feedback on community related matters.

Find out about who your local councillors are and how to contact them.

Attend a Public Meeting

Their are are range of Council Committees and Subcommittees established to enhance and improve things across the region.   Each meeting provides an opportunty for members of the public to biefly address the committee with their comments/concerns, however if you are wanting a response or action then you are encouraged to book in for a presentation slot on the meeting agenda.

Community Boards operate in the Golden Bay and Motueka regions and are perhaps the most accessible avenue for local young people and decision makers to communicate. 

Public Consultation

The Tasman District Council regularly undertakes consultation on a wide range of topics and issues that effect current and future Tasman residents. A submission is a guided questionaire providing you with an opportuntiy to voice your thoughts and opinions on a particular matter.

Read more about Public Consultation topics currently open for public feedback..

When the council undertakes public consultation, it usually gives people a chance to present their submission directly to council, through a hearing meeting.